About SGTrains

SGTrains is a community website created and run by train enthusiasts, documenting and sharing the little-known facts about Singapore's rail network.

It was started in 2011 by a group of train enthusiasts, united by a passion for rail transport.

Since then, we have come a long way - SGTrains now contains many pages of information - on topics spanning across the rail network - as well as an active community on the SGTrains Forums.

What exactly is SGTrains?

SGTrains is best described as a community: it consists of the website (which you're on right now), the SGTrains Forums, and our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

SGTrains also organises events, such as meetups and the annual Singapore Train-Enthusiasts' Amazing Race (STAR).

A brief history of SGTrains

A brief timeline of notable events in SGTrains' history.


February 2011

SGTrains Forums

SGTrains was founded, containing only a community discussion board

August 2011

SGTrains Facebook and Twitter

SGTrains's Facebook page and Twitter account was started

September 2011

SGTrains Latest Buzz

SGTrains Latest Buzz - a Facebook group for sharing recent happenings, was created

October 2011

SGTrains Website

The SGTrains main website was launched

December 2011

STAR 2011

The inaugural Singapore Train-Enthusiasts' Amazing Race (STAR) was held on 11 December 2011.


April 2012

Land Transport Excellence Award logo

SGTrains awarded Friend of Land Transport at the Land Transport Excellence Awards 2012

December 2012

STAR 2012

STAR 2012 was held on 8 December 2012.


December 2013

STORM 2013

In place of STAR, an event titled SGTrains Operation-Race Mission (or STORM) was held.


December 2014

STAR 2014

STAR 2014 was held on 20 December 2014.


April 2015

SGTrains Updated Website

SGTrains launches its redesign on 2 April 2015, with new and refreshed reference pages

October 2015

SGTrains Instagram

SGTrains Instagram page was started

Who is SGTrains?

SGTrains is a community, which means the answer to this question has two possible answers:


The first answer is: everyone who participates in the community, be it online, on the SGTrains Forums, on social media, or elsewhere.

We normally refer to them - perhaps it includes you - as SGTrains members, especially for forum members. Everyone, including you, can easily sign up on the forum, and start participating!

The SGTrains Team

The SGTrains Team is the team of people behind SGTrains: they keep SGTrains running, events organised, and forum and social media pruned and top condition.

The SGTrains Team

The SGTrains Team can be split into two groups: the Management Team, and the Forum Team.

The SGTrains team

The SGTrains team.

Management Team

The SGTrains Management Team

The SGTrains Management team.

The management team is responsible for everything involving SGTrains: from events, to day-to-day operations of the SGTrains Forums, to maintaining our social media presence, and more!

Ong You Yuan
Benjamin Goh
Matthew Ng
Lam Zhi Hao
Willis Chong
Lim Wen Jie
Nicholas Lim
John Chang
Ho Hoe Han
Jeremy Tan
Ong Wei Jian
Joel Ong

Forum Team

The forum team handles moderation and other duties on the SGTrains Forums.

Joey Foo
Nicholas Yan
Ng Jing Wei
Brian Ngauw
Sun Han Chen
Liang Ge Song
Lee Bing Xian
Alex Liew
Jericho Chua
Bryan Wee
Mohamed Azmee
Ho Lanzan
Teo Wei Shen

Have more questions?

Drop by the SGTrains Forums and ask away! The SGTrains Forums is an active community for discussing about railways in Singapore.

You're also free to leave us a message via email.