Bukit Panjang LRT

The Bukit Panjang LRT is the first LRT line to be introduced into the LRT system. It is fully automated and driverless at 7.8km long with 14 stations. The line branches off at Bukit Panjang to serve the different stations on the line on three different routes. SMRT currently operates this line.

The line complements the feeder bus services within the Bukit Panjang area. It interchanges with the North South Line at Choa Chu Kang station and the Downtown Line at Bukit Panjang station.

There are eight stations on the looping section of the line, including Bukit Panjang station. A branch at Bukit Panjang station connects to Ten Mile Junction station.

During peak hours, some trains will run in a 2-car formation instead to increase the capacity on the line.

At a Glance

Bukit Panjang LRT

First opened 6 November 1999

7.8km with 14 stations

Light rail line with 1-car and 2-car trains

Fully-automatic train operation

Line operated by SMRT Light Rail

Line diagram

BPLRT line diagram

Rolling stock


Initial stages

The Light Rail Transit (LRT) system was developed to extend the reach and accessibility of the MRT network, which was approved on 10 February 1996.

In tandem with the developments around the Bukit Panjang area, the line was opened on 6 November 1999 and is the first light rail transit system in Singapore.

Infrastructure upgrades

Redevelopment at Ten Mile Juncton

The Ten Mile Junction station was temporarily closed on 10 December 2010 to facilitate the renovations of the mall which the station was situated within. Service C was also withdrawn during the period where the station was closed.

The station was reopened on 30 December 2011 when the mall reopened and service C was reintroduced again.

Additional Platforms at Choa Chu Kang

To allow better commuter circulation and ease commuter movement within the station, two additional platforms at Choa Chu Kang station were constructed and completed on 27 December 2016.

The two new 'exit only' platforms helps to reduce platform crowding on the existing centre platform, providing more space for commuters boarding the LRT. Each of the new platform will be accessible by a dedicated staircase and escalator.


Date Project Description
6 November 1999 Bukit Panjang LRT Opening of Bukit Panjang LRT (14 stations)
10 December 2010 Redevelopment at Ten Mile Juncton Temporary closure of Ten Mile Juncton
30 December 2011 Redevelopment at Ten Mile Juncton Reopening of Ten Mile Junction
27 December 2016 Additional Platforms at Choa Chu Kang Opening of two additional platforms at Choa Chu Kang

Facts + Figures

Light Rail Line (LRT)
Stations / Length
14 stations / 7.8km (currently operational)
Main Loop - 7.6km
Bukit Panjang to Ten Mile Junction - 0.2km
Ten Mile Junction Depot
Train Length
1-2 cars
Track Gauge
Central Guideway
600V AC from power rail
Operation Type
Fully-automated operation
Signalling System
Fixed-block Bombardier CITYFLO 550 ATC