Downtown Line

The Downtown Line is the fifth line to be introduced into the MRT system and is coloured blue on the system map. The line is designed to be a medium capacity radial line and SBS Transit is currently operating this line.

It is a fully automated and driverless underground rapid transit line. When fully completed, it will surpass the Circle Line to be the world's longest fully automated and driverless underground rapid transit line at 41.9km with 34 stations. The line opened in stages in 2013, 2015 and 2017, and a 2.2km extension from Expo will be completed by 2024.

The Downtown Line will provide better connections to the city for commuters living in the northwest, as well as an alternative for the East West Line in the eastern section.

All Downtown Line stations also feature the Art in Transit programme. The artwork of three stations, Beauty World, Jalan Besar and Expo stations are selected through the Downtown Line Art in Transit competition.

At a Glance

Downtown Line

First opened 22 December 2013

41.9km with 34 stations

Medium capacity line with 3-car trains

Fully-automatic train operation

Line operated by SBS Transit DTL

Line diagram

DTL line diagram

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Initial plans

The Downtown Line 1 was originally announced on 14 June 2005 as a 3.4km Circle Line extension from Promenade to Chinatown stations.

Phase 2 of the Downtown Line (then Bukit Timah Line) was designed as a 20km connection from the Bukit Timah corridor to the downtown.

Phase 3 of the Downtown Line was part of the northern section of the original 40km rectangular Eastern Region Line. It was then later announced to link all three sections, forming the three phases of the Downtown Line, including a 0.9km revision to connect Bugis station from Promenade.

Downtown Line 1

Constructions for the 4.3km Downtown Line 1 started on 12 February 2008 and consists of six stations from Bugis to Chinatown. The first phase of the line opened on 22 December 2013, allowing commuters to conveniently travel within the city area.

As the DTL1 is isolated from Gali Batu Depot, the temporary Marina Bay Maintenance Facility next to Marina Bay station will provide simple maintenance to the rolling stock before the opening of DTL2.

Downtown Line 2

Constructions for the 12-station 15.3km Downtown Line 2 and 1.3km track to Gali Batu Depot started on 8 June 2011. The line was initially delayed by a year due to insolvency issues, but the opening was then pushed forward to 2015.

The line opened on 27 December 2015, connecting Bukit Panjang to Bugis, passing through Beauty World, Botanic Gardens, Newton and Little India. Commuters travelling to and from the Bukit Timah area will benefit from the DTL2.

Downtown Line 3

The 21km Downtown Line 3 started constructions on 28 November 2011 and comprises of 16 stations from Chinatown to Expo.

Connecting the eastern corridor and intersecting with the Circle Line and East West Line at MacPherson, Tampines and Expo stations, the DTL3 will commence service on 21 October 2017.

Line extensions

Downtown Line 3 Extension (future)

A 2-station 2.2km extension from the Downtown Line 3 Expo station will connect to the Thomson-East Coast Line Sungei Bedok station and the East Coast Integrated Depot. Constructions began on 21 July 2016, together with the East Coast stretch of the Thomson-East Coast Line and the depot. The extension will be completed in 2024.


Date Project Description
22 December 2013 Phase 1 Bugis - Chinatown (6 stations)
27 December 2015 Phase 2 Bugis - Bukit Panjang (12 stations)
21 October 2017 Phase 3 Chinatown - Expo (16 stations)
2024 Phase 3 Extension Expo - Sungei Bedok (2 stations)
Future Future stations between existing stations DT4 station between Hillview and Beauty World

Facts + Figures

Medium capacity Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
Stations / Length
18 stations / 19.6km (currently operational)
Bukit Panjang to Chinatown - 19.6km
Phase 3 (21 October 2017) - 16 stations / 21km
Phase 3 Extension (future) - 2 stations / 2.2km
Kim Chuan Depot
Gali Batu Depot
East Coast Integrated Depot (future)
Train Length
3 cars
Track Gauge
Standard gauge (1435mm)
750V DC from third rail
Operation Type
Fully-automated operation
Signalling System
Moving-block Invensys Sirius CBTC & Rail 9000 ATS