Platform Screen Doors (PSD)
Platform Screen Doors by Westinghouse Brake and Signal Company Ltd are installed at all underground MRT stations. It was the first heavy rail system in the world to incorporate platform screen doors in its stations in 1987.

They are used for the first time at underground stations anywhere in the world to cut down air-conditioning energy by up to 50%. The doors which are expected to be operated more than 300 times daily also hold back the uncomfortable blast of air from an approaching train.

The latest series of platform screen doors sporting a sleeker design, producing less sound when the doors were opened and closed, and incorporating more glass were installed.

Full Height Platform Screen Doors (FHPSD) - 1st Generation
There are generally 2 series of the full height platform screen doors in use. The first series, installed at the North South & East West Lines stations, opened in 1987.

The network features 34 underground platforms and a total of 816 doorways; each platform has 24 sets of bi-parting doors aligned with the 6 car 4-door trains.

The pneumatically operated system has an outstanding reliability record achieving 99.99% average availability.

Full Height Platform Screen Doors (FHPSD) - 2nd Generation
North East Line

The sophisticated Westinghouse Platform Screen Doors control system includes the ‘PSD2000’ operating software, dual redundancy and SMT system maintenance tool.

Meticulous architectural styling of the 768 bi-parting doorways and screenwork ensured that the Westinghouse Platform Screen Doors system blends perfectly with each of the individually designed platforms commissioned by the LTA and executed by local artists for each station.
Changi Airport MRT Station (East West Line)

Westinghouse Platform Screen Doors supplied a total of 48 sliding doorways on 2 platforms to match the 6 car 4-door trains.
Bishan MRT Station (North South Line)

As part of the MRT Circle Line project, two of the existing North South Line platforms at Bishan station are being retrofitted with 24 platform screen doors designed, manufactured and installed by Westinghouse Platform Screen Doors.

The design will be consistent with that of the Circle Line.
Circle Line

Westinghouse Platform Screen Doors are supplying STE with a total of 648 doorways on 54 platforms and a dual redundant ‘PSD200’ controlling system. MODbus protocol is used to communicate status information and non-vital commands.
Ten Mile Junction LRT Station

Ten Mile Junction is the only air-conditioned LRT Station along the Bukit Panjang LRT fitted with Platform Screen Doors.

Half Height Platform Screen Doors (HHPSD)
After a series of incidents where individuals were injured or killed by oncoming trains, three elevated stations, Pasir Ris, Yishun and Jurong East were installed for a trial run.

On 1st November 2009, the Pasir Ris screen doors started operations, with much fanfare. This safety doors will also be pre-installed in all future elevated MRT stations.

Westinghouse Brake and Signal Company Ltd will ensure that the doors are able to synchronise with the train doors while Singapore Technologies will design, manufacture, supply, install, testing and commission of the HHPSD and deliver associated works for all.

Installation on all elevated stations on the North South & East West Lines have been completed on 14th March 2012.

Half Height Platform Screen Panels
A special type of screen panels has been installed on the Sengkang LRT only at Sengkang Station as the station gets crowded during peak hour.

Sentosa Express
Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited includes the design, supply, installation, test and commissioning and warranty of Automatic Platform Gate Doors (APGD) for the Sentosa Express on the resort island of Sentosa, Singapore.

It can be manually operated from the platform Local Control Panel and if required, manually over-ride the automatic operation. The doors are designed aesthetically to blend with the modern outlook of the stations.

Sentosa Station is the only station on the Sentosa Express with full-height platform screen doors and bay platform using the Spanish solution. The other stations are not air-conditioned and are installed with half height platform screen doors.

Interlocking with the sensor system, the doors open and close only when the appropriate safety conditions are met.
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Monthly Featured Photo
A messy canvas artwork depicts the bustling activity at an MRT station during rush hour, where passengers move in all directions around the platform.

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PHOTO: joeyfjj
THEME: Integration
This long-exposure photo, showing the road, LRT, and future Downtown Line, shows the integration between the various modes of transport.

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