SMRT Active Route-map and Information System (STARiS)
SMRT Active Route-map and Information System redefines the provision of real time travel information with its unique stand-alone control system, flexible triggering system, user friendly displays and low acquisition and maintenance cost.

Comprising a dynamic route-map, a Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) that provides multi-language transcript of audio announcement and a built-in digital voice announcer, STARiS offers customers added convenience in a full customization and scalability for system upgrades and expansion.

Designed to provide passengers with real-time information and the destination of travel, station locality and exit points.

Unique and Dynamic Travel Information System
Stand Alone Versatility

  • The unique stand alone control capability allows for quick configuration and upgrades in all train system armed with or without the Automatic Train Control (ATO). It eliminates complex interfaces, minimizes costly alterations and additions and simplifies maintenance needs.

  • Highly scalable, the use of distance-based 'logical triggers' offers extreme flexibility in accommodating future expansions of network and inclusion of information.

  • It allows full customization to drive other display media such as the standard light-emitting diode (LED) display, flat panel liquid crystal display (LCD) or plasmas display monitors.

    Low Cost of Ownership

  • STARiS uses off-the-shelf and modular parts with fully embedded architecture, maintenance and system, upgrades cost.

    Responsive to Operational Needs

  • With just a simple update of trigger points via the multi-database, STARiS can generate instant system-wide message updates anywhere along the track.

    Customisable and Clever Design

  • Dynamic route-map sports a sleek, singular uni-body design that can be mounted or slipped easily into existing panels.

  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display, with its embedded electronics, offers a clear view in day and night conditions.

  • Flat Panel high-definition thin-film transistor LCD infotainment version provides crisp display, allows for highly customized dynamic display according to customers preference, along with quick returns on investment.

  • STARiS in SMRT Trains
    The SMRT Active Route-map Information System (STARiS) is a rail travel information system developed in house by communications engineers from SMRT Corporation for its North South & East West Lines trains in Singapore. This system was officially announced on 07 November 2008 and was installed on 1 train on a 2 month trial.

    It has been fully operational on all 128 trains as of today. These trains run on the North South & East West Lines.
    The active route-maps indicate the line of travel, direction of travel, side of doors opening, current station, next station, terminal station, interchange station and the corresponding line for interchange.

    It comprises a system of 4 Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFD) mounted at an angle from the ceiling and 8 active route-maps mounted above every door in each car.

    The VFDs indicate the train service's direction of travel, terminal station, side of doors opening, doors closing messages, current station, next station, interchange station and displays multi-language text synchronized with in-train audio announcements.

    Future Development
    STARIS Version 2

    STARiS Version 2.0, which will encompass additional information such as real-time multi-purpose displays that have the ability to show pictures of landmarks in the vicinity of a station, the time to which the train will arrive at a station as well as High Definition advertisements. It has been installed on 1 train and is still currently under test with new features and functions.
    Circle Line (CCL)

    It comprises a system of 4 TTIS that is currently installed on the ceiling of the C830s. SMRT are working with LTA to propose to install route-maps above every train doors.
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