Privacy Policy

TL;DR: SGTrains collects data about you when you use the website, and promises to use any collected data only for purposes as stated below, and for nothing else.

This privacy policy is last modified 16 August 2018.

This document applies to the SGTrains website ( and the SGTrains Forums ( We'll refer to both of them together as "SGTrains" in this document.

What we collect

These are the types of data that we collect as you use SGTrains:

Any information you provide

This includes information provided when you submit a form when using SGTrains, such as surveys, when registering on the forums, or when making a forum post. This may include personally-identifiable information that you provide.

Google Analytics

SGTrains uses Google Analytics to gather anonymous information about how people use our site. You can learn more about how Google uses data, as well as how you can opt-out.

Server logs

Some actions are automatically logged on our server, for example, when a 404 "File not found" error is reached.

How we use data

We promise to...

  • Not share or sell any personally-identifiable information we collect.
  • Never send you spam.
  • Use analytics information only to improve our services and information.

In return, you should...

  • Be aware that anything you submit online should not be treated as completely private: for instance, SGTrains does not utilise HTTP Secure on the SGTrains Forums.
  • Know that all data stored on our service may be seen by the team, including "private" messages on SGTrains Forums, and in non-public forum categories. This may be done for maintenance purposes.
  • Be aware that SGTrains Forums is a public website, and assume that all forum posts can be seen by anyone on the internet.


Disclosure of information

We will never disclose any information that's not publicly available to third parties, unless as needed in an emergency, or if we are required by law to do so.

Changes to this policy

SGTrains will change this policy if it's necessary. When we make changes to this policy, we will make an effort to make a forum-wide announcement. If changes are minor, we may choose not to make an announcement, and those changes will only be reflected here on this page.


We welcome any feedback and comments about this policy. Please send any feedback, queries, and other communication to us.