Shorter Operating Hours

This page lists scheduled last train timings during the Early Closure for the North South Line in September 2019.

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NS28Marina South Piervia WoodlandsAFFECTED SECTOREW24NS1Jurong EastNS2Bukit BatokNS3Bukit GombakBP1NS4Choa Chu KangNS5Yew TeeNS7Kranji
Affected Dates
🌙 North South LineNS
Early Closure at around 11pm
(Fridays & Saturdays)
6, 7, 13, 14, 27, 28 September
September 2019
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1 2 3 4 5 6 🌙 7 🌙
8 9 10 11 12 13 🌙 14 🌙
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 🌙 28 🌙

Last Trains on Fridays and Saturdays

Early Closure on Fridays and Saturdays

NSL Northbound

Last train timings on the North South Line towards 4 Jurong East during the early closures in September 2019.

View last train timings for NSL Northbound
Station Ends at
NS1 Jurong East
Ends at
NS7 Kranji
NS28 Marina South Pier 10.07pm 12.04am
NS27 Marina Bay 10.10pm 12.07am
NS26 Raffles Place 10.12pm 12.09am
NS25 City Hall 10.14pm 12.11am
NS24 Dhoby Ghaut 10.16pm 12.13am
NS23 Somerset 10.18pm 12.15am
NS22 Orchard 10.20pm 12.17am
NS21 Newton 10.23pm 12.20am
NS20 Novena 10.25pm 12.22am
NS19 Toa Payoh 10.27pm 12.24am
NS18 Braddell 10.29pm 12.26am
NS17 Bishan 10.32pm 12.28am
NS16 Ang Mo Kio 10.35pm 12.32am
NS15 Yio Chu Kang 10.37pm 12.34am
NS14 Khatib 10.42pm 12.39am
NS13 Yishun 10.45pm 12.42am
NS11 Sembawang 10.48pm 12.46am
NS10 Admiralty 10.52pm 12.49am
NS9 Woodlands 10.54pm 12.52am
NS8 Marsiling 10.57pm 12.55am
NS7 Kranji 11.00pm 12.57am (arr)
NS5 Yew Tee 11.04pm -
NS4 Choa Chu Kang 11.07pm -
NS3 Bukit Gombak 11.11pm -
NS2 Bukit Batok 11.13pm -
NS1 Jurong East 11.16pm (arr) -

NSL Southbound

Last train timings on the North South Line towards 5 Marina South Pier during the early closures in September 2019.

View last train timings for NSL Southbound
Station Ends at
NS27 Marina Bay
Ends at
NS19 Toa Payoh
Ends at
NS16 Ang Mo Kio
NS1 Jurong East 10.53pm 11.00pm -
NS2 Bukit Batok 10.56pm 11.03pm -
NS3 Bukit Gombak 10.58pm 11.05pm -
NS4 Choa Chu Kang 11.01pm 11.09pm -
NS5 Yew Tee 11.04pm 11.11pm -
NS7 Kranji 11.09pm 11.45pm 12.34am
NS8 Marsiling 11.12pm 11.48pm 12.37am
NS9 Woodlands 11.15pm 11.50pm 12.39am
NS10 Admiralty 11.18pm 11.53pm 12.42am
NS11 Sembawang 11.21pm 11.57pm 12.46am
NS13 Yishun 11.25pm 12.01am 12.50am
NS14 Khatib 11.28pm 12.03am 12.53am
NS15 Yio Chu Kang 11.33pm 12.09am 12.58am
NS16 Ang Mo Kio 11.36pm 12.11am 12.59am (arr)
NS17 Bishan 11.39pm 12.15am -
NS18 Braddell 11.41pm 12.17am -
NS19 Toa Payoh 11.43pm 12.18am (arr) -
NS20 Novena 11.46pm - -
NS21 Newton 11.48pm - -
NS22 Orchard 11.50pm - -
NS23 Somerset 11.52pm - -
NS24 Dhoby Ghaut 11.54pm - -
NS25 City Hall 11.56pm - -
NS26 Raffles Place 11.58pm - -
NS27 Marina Bay 12.00am (arr) - -
NS28 Marina South Pier -** - -

* The last southbound train service on Fridays and Saturdays ends at Marina Bay.
** The last train departing Marina Bay to Marina South Pier is at 11.58pm.


Shuttle Bus Services

Shuttle bus services will stop at designated bus stops near the affected stations to pick-up and drop-off passengers during the affected hours.

Shuttle 4

Shuttle 4 operates between Jurong East and Kranji stations in both directions at intervals of 3-5 minutes.

Northbound towards Jurong East

NS7KranjiNS5Yew TeeBP1NS4Choa Chu KangNS3Bukit GombakNS2Bukit BatokEW24NS1Jurong East45139CKranjiStn11.05pm12.51am45329COpp YewTee Stn11.09pm1.06am44009AChoa Chu KangInt (Berth B5)11.12pm1.12am43579CBt GombakStn11.16pm1.25am43009ABBt Batok Int(Berth B5)11.18pm1.31am28201BOpp TheJTC Summit--First BusLast Bus

Southbound towards Kranji

EW24NS1Jurong EastNS2Bukit BatokNS3Bukit GombakBP1NS4Choa Chu KangNS5Yew TeeNS7Kranji28201BOpp TheJTC Summit11.05pm12.27am43009ABBt Batok Int(Berth B3)11.08pm12.35am43571COpp BtGombak Stn11.10pm12.42am44009AChoa Chu KangInt (Berth B1)11.14pm12.53am45321CYew TeeStn11.16pm12.59am45131COpp KranjiStn--First BusLast Bus

Extended Bus Service Hours

The operational hours of the following bus services will be extended on the affected dates.

 Bukit BatokNS2 
43009 Bt Batok Int Last Bus
173A 189A 941 945 947 1.30am
   Choa Chu KangNS4 BP1 
44531 Opp Choa Chu Kang Stn Last Bus
974 1.30am
   Jurong EastEW24 NS1 
28009 Jurong East Temp Int Last Bus
51A 143M 333 334 335 1.30am

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