First and Last Train Timings

This page lists scheduled first and last train timings.


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Changes to train service hours

Thomson-East Coast Line
From 24 May to 8 August 2021, train services on the Thomson-East Coast Line between Woodlands North and Woodlands South stations will end earlier at around 9pm and start later at around 6.30am daily.
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Changes to train service hours

Train service hours on these dates are scheduled to differ from the timings listed above. Please refer to the table below if you plan to travel on these dates.

Information latest as on 24 May 2021.

24 May to 8 August 2021

Date Details
Daily TE TE1 Woodlands North - TE3 Woodlands South
Early closures at around 9pm and late opening at around 6.30am on the Thomson-East Coast Line.


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