How to Play

Playing the game!

Playing OpenBVE is very similar to operating a real train, you adjust the lever to control the acceleration or brake power to the train. This guide is an overview to the basic controls for the game.

Default Controls

The full list of the default controls are shown here. This guide will be based off the default controls.

Commonly used controls


Z Increase Power

A Decrease Power / Brake

Q Increase Brake

1 Emergency Brake

F Reverser Forward

V Reverser Backward


F5 Left Door Open / Close

F6 Right Door Open / Close

User Interface

Esc In-game Menu

Ctrl + T Route Timetable

Ctrl + C Clock Display

Ctrl + V Speed Display

Ctrl + N Gradient Display

Ctrl + X Frame Rate Display

Ctrl + M Mute / Unmute Sounds


openBVE How to Play Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see my cab controls?

Use the numpad and directional arrow keys to control your viewpoint.

My train does not move off

Ensure that your train doors are closed by referring to the icons at the bottom of the screen. If you have just arrived at a station, open and close the train doors to reset the system.

I overran the station, how do I reverse?

Switch the reverser backwards and then adjust your stopping position.