COVID-19 Measures on our Train Network

Train services will continue to operate during this period to provide transport for essential workers.

Safe Distancing Measures have been put in to ensure the safety of all commuters.

Stay at home and avoid commuting unnecessarily. If you are required to travel for essential purposes, please put on a face mask and do follow the guidelines below.

Safe Distancing Measures

Public Transport Operators' (PTOs) Transport Ambassadors (TA) and the Land Transport Authority's (LTA) enforcement officers will ensure that public transport commuters maintain safe distancing.

Queue One Metre Apart

Queue markers which are placed one metre apart have been implemented at platforms and at ticketing machines.

Sanitisation of High-Contact Points

Photo: SMRT

Sanitisation and Disinfection routines have been intensified throughout the network, on board trains and at stations.

This includes additional emphasis on sanitising high-contact points, such as grab poles and hand grips on board trains, fare collection gates, lift buttons and escalator handrails at stations.

Provision of Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers can be found at the station concourse and platform on the North-South & East-West Lines, Circle Line, Thomson-East Coast Line and Bukit Panjang LRT.

Travel Tips

Auto Top-Up Your Travel Card

Eliminate the need to use Ticketing Machines which are High-Contact Points to top-up your travel card, by using alternatives such as SimplyGo (Account-Based Ticketing) or EZ-Reload by EZ-Link.

SimplyGo EZ-Reload


Train Service Hours and Frequencies

Changes to Train Services

From 2 June 2020, train service hours and frequencies are reverted to pre-circuit breaker levels, and will operate at the shortest operationally feasible intervals.