Bombardier MOVIA R151

The Bombardier MOVIA R151 trains are the seventh generation of rolling stock for the North-South and East-West Lines.

106 trains of six cars each were purchased and will be put into service from 2022 onwards.

These trains are purchased to replace the first generation KHI trains, second generation SIE trains and the third generation KNS trains.

The new trains are integrated with condition-monitoring features and sensors that transmit data back to a server that can identify emerging faults for rectification before they occur, facilitating a robust, efficient and effective predictive maintenance regime.

Four of the new trains will be fitted with an Automatic Track Inspection (ATI) System, allowing concurrent monitoring of the running rails, track equipment and sleepers during operations.


At a Glance

Bombardier MOVIA R151

North-South Line

East-West Line

In service from 2022

106 trains of 6 cars each

Trains maintained by SMRT Trains


Contract R151 for the design and building of 66 Bombardier MOVIA trains was awarded to Bombardier Transportation on 25 July 2018.

These trains were purchased to replace the first generation KHI rolling stock of the North-South and East-West Lines.

The design of the trains will be done in Germany whereas the coordination for the design will be led by Bombardier's team based in Singapore. The trains will be manufactured and assembled in Changchun, China before arriving in batches from 2021.

An additional purchase of 40 new trains from Bombardier Transportation was made on 28 September 2020, using the same design as the initial order as the first 66 new trains. The additional new trains will replace the second generation SIE and third generation KNS trains of the North-South and East-West Lines.

In tandem with the purchase of the 40 new trains, SMRT Trains will also sign a long-term service support contract with Bombardier to cover all 106 new trains whereby Bombardier will provide technical support and spare parts for train repairs and system upgrades or replacements for the first ten years, with the option for future contract extensions.





The R151 trains will carry the new Land Transport Authority livery on its exerior: a white and black colour scheme, with the line colours of both the North-South and East-West Lines running along the exterior carbody.

The train numbers are displayed on a yellow LED display at the top of the right windscreen.

Photo: Bombardier Transportation


The interior cabins of the train are designed to include more open spaces for parents with strollers, wheelchair users and commuters carrying their personal mobility devices.

Photos: Land Transport Authority

Technical Specifications


DT: Driving Trailer (unpowered); M1/M2: Motor car

Changchun Bombardier Railway Vehicles
Number Built
636 cars (106 trains)
Car Body Construction
Aluminium-alloy double-skinned construction
Traction Control
Line Voltage
750V DC (nominal) from third rail
Standard gauge (1435mm)
1.45m wide, 8 per car