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During a train disruption

Know what to do in the event of a train service disruption during your journey.

Stuck in a train disruption and not sure what to do? Follow these steps to continue your journey.

For train service updates

Train Service Status Display

Listen to the announcements in the train and at the station.

Follow SMRT or SBS Transit on Twitter for updates.

When leaving the station

When leaving the station

Proceed to the concourse level in a calm and orderly manner.

No fares will be deducted when you exit from the fare gates of the affected stations.

Alternative modes of transport

For a list of alternative transport options, visit these websites:

For SMRT train stations

East West Line North South Line Circle Line Bukit Panjang LRT

For SBS Transit train stations

North East Line Downtown Line Sengkang LRT Punggol LRT

Ask the station staff if you need any assistance.

Bus bridging services

Free shuttle bus services will bridge the connections between the affected stations

Free shuttle bus services will bridge the affected stations

Free shuttle bus services will bridge the affected stations.

Use these bus services to get to an unaffected station or an unaffected train line.

To locate the boarding point of these bus services, follow the orange directional signs or ask the station staff for directions.

Public bus services

Alternate modes of transport

Alternate bus services to other stations

List of alternative bus services during train service disruption:

Take the bus services that will connect your current location to your destination, or a station that is close to your destination.

There will be signs at the exits of the MRT stations that indicate the different bus services to other MRT stations. You may also pick up a copy of the information leaflet from the station staff.

Bus services that stop at the affected stations will be made free.

Other unaffected train lines

Other unaffected train lines

If you are at an interchange station, use other unaffected train lines to proceed to your destination, or to a station that is near to your destination.

Taxi and private hire car services

Taxi services

During train service disruptions, it may be difficult to hail or book a taxi or a private hire car at affected stations.

Travel chit

Travel chit

You may obtain a piece of an official travel chit from the passenger service centre at any SMRT MRT stations to certify that your journey had been delayed by a train service disruption.

e-Travel Chit

e-Travel Chit

Alternatively, you may request for an electronic copy of a travel chit from https://smrttravelchit.sg/.

Fare refunds

If your travel card was charged during a train disruption, you may file a customer claim through the TransitLink Customer Claim e-Service for a refund; approved on a case-by-case basis.

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