Circle Line

The Circle Line (CCL) — colloquially known as the 'orange line' or the 'yellow line' — is the fourth MRT line to be introduced to the train network and is coloured orange on the system map.

This fully-underground MRT line is currently operated by SMRT Trains Ltd. and is designed to be a medium-capacity orbital rapid transit line.

First opened in 2009, the CCL has five stages and an extension, and it was the world's longest fully underground and automated rapid transit line when it was completed in 2012.

Spanning 35.7km across 30 stations, the CCL connects major MRT lines, bypassing the city centre, which will become a complete circle in 2025 with three additional stations connecting HarbourFront and Marina Bay.

Utilising Alstom's Urbalis 300 Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) signalling system, CCL trains are capable of fully-automated operations and can run without any train attendant on board.

The Art in Transit (AIT) programme is integrated across all stations. The artworks at Dakota, MacPherson, Tai Seng, Bartley, Lorong Chuan and Marymount stations were selected through the Circle Line AIT competition.

Six stations that interchange with existing train lines also feature Art Seats selected through the International Art Seats Design Competition at the Venice Biennale in 2006.

At a Glance

Circle Line

First opened 28 May 2009

35.7km with 30 stations

Medium capacity line with 3-car trains

Fully-automatic train operation

The Circle Line (CCL) is operated by SMRT Trains.


Line Diagram

Circle Line (CCL) Line Diagram

Stage 6: CC30 Keppel - CC32 Prince Edward Road stations are currently not in operation.

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Initial plans

In the 1990s, the CCL, then named the Marina Line, was planned as a 12-station line from Chinatown. Plans then evolved to include the sector between Dhoby Ghaut to Stadium, and a part of the Marina Line from Chinatown to Promenade became part of the Downtown Line (DTL).

Constructions for the CCL began in 2003 and were initially scheduled to open progressively from 2006 till 2010. It is designed as an orbital train line that links all existing MRT lines, allowing commuters to avoid the city centre when transferring between lines.

Kim Chuan Depot

The Kim Chuan Depot (KCD), situated in the vicinity of Hougang Avenue 3 and Kim Chuan Road, is the world's first rapid transit train depot built specifically for driverless passenger trains.

The KCD is 800 metres long by 160 metres wide, and sits just 17 metres below the ground. At 11 hectares in size, the KCD is capable of stabling up to 77 three-car MRT trains.

All train movement within the KCD can be controlled centrally from the Depot Control Centre. The KCD also provides cleaning and maintenance services for all the trains and systems of the CCL.

Nicoll Highway Collapse

The collapse of the Nicoll Highway on 20 April 2004 was caused by the construction of the CCL tunnels near the Merdeka Bridge.

A part of the retaining wall failed to handle the stress of holding the tunnel and gave way, which resulted in a 30-metre cave-in of the road above.

As a result of the incident, three people were injured, and four people passed away;

  • Vadivil s/o Nadeson, a crane operator;
  • Liu Rong Quan, a construction worker;
  • John Tan Lock Yong, a LTA engineer; and
  • Heng Yeow Peow, a foreman.

The Nicoll Highway was reconstructed and re-opened to traffic on 4 December 2004, while the new alignment of the CCL shifted the Nicoll Highway station about 100m away from the original location.

The station was reduced to two-thirds of its original size and was subsequently opened on 17 April 2010 with the rest of the CCL stage 1 & 2 stations.

Circle Line Stage 3

Following the Nicoll Highway collapse in 2004, the line's opening was delayed by a few years.

The 5.7-kilometre long CCL stage 3, running from Bartley to Marymount, opened for passenger service on 28 May 2009.

Commuters in the north can travel conveniently to the northeast region and vice-versa through the two interchanges to the North-South Line (NSL) and North East Line (NEL) at Bishan and Serangoon, respectively.

Circle Line Stage 1 & 2

The 5.4-kilometre long CCL stage 1, from Dhoby Ghaut to Stadium, and the 5.6-kilometre long CCL stage 2, from Mountbatten to Tai Seng, opened for passenger service on 17 April 2010.

The CCL stage 1 & 2 allows commuters to transfer to the East-West Line (EWL) at Paya Lebar and provides convenient access to the Marina centre region.

Circle Line Stage 4 & 5

The 9.8-kilometre long CCL stage 4, from Caldecott to Kent Ridge, and the 6.8-kilometre long CCL stage 5, from Haw Par Villa to HarbourFront, opened for passenger service on 8 October 2011.

It brings better connectivity from Marymount to both Buona Vista and HarbourFront stations and enables quick access to the West Coast region.

It also serves as an alternate travel route to Jurong East when transferring between the NSL and EWL.

Line Extensions

Circle Line Extension

The 2.4-kilometre long Circle Line Extension (CCLe) opened for passenger service on 14 January 2012 and extended from Promenade to Marina Bay station.

The CCLe was opened in anticipation of the increased demand due to the new Marina Bay integrated resort opening adjacent to Bayfront station.

Circle Line Stage 6

The three-station 4-kilometre long Circle Line Stage 6 (CCL6), connecting HarbourFront to Marina Bay stations, will complete the loop of the CCL.

The CCL6 was initially slated for completion by 2025, however the Transport Minister said in parliament on 5 March 2021 that the opening is pushed back by a year to 2026 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To cope with increased ridership in the future, the KCD will also be expanded to double its capacity from 70 to 133 trains.

Timeline of Events

Date Project Description
28 May 2009 Stage 3 Bartley - Marymount (5 stations)
17 April 2010 Stage 1 & 2 Bartley - Dhoby Ghaut (11 stations)
8 October 2011 Stage 4 & 5 Marymount - HarbourFront (12 stations)
14 January 2012 Circle Line Extension Promenade - Marina Bay (2 stations)
2026 Stage 6 HarbourFront - Marina Bay (3 stations)
Future Future stations between existing stations Bukit Brown station between Caldecott and Botanic Gardens


Facts + Figures

Medium-capacity Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
Stations / Length
30 stations / 35.7km (currently operational)
Dhoby Ghaut to HarbourFront - 33.3km
Circle Line Extension - 2 stations / 2.4km
Stage 6 (future) - 3 stations / 4.0km
Kim Chuan Depot
Train Length
3 cars
Track Gauge
Standard gauge (1435mm)
750V DC from third rail
Operation Type
Fully-automated operation
Signalling System
Moving-block Alstom Urbalis 300 CBTC