Alstom Metropolis C851E (Circle Line)

The Alstom Metropolis C851E (CCL) trains are the third generation of rolling stock for the Circle Line.

23 trains of three cars each were purchased and will be delivered into Singapore from 2021 onwards.

The new trains are equipped with condition monitoring systems to gather data from equipment on the trains, enabling continuous monitoring of the health of the equipment to allow the operator to carry out predictive maintenance for the trains. The current collector shoes are also equipped with sensors to detect if there is any dislodgement, allowing the operator to react promptly.

Two of the new trains will be fitted with an Automatic Track Inspection (ATI) System, allowing concurrent monitoring of the running rails, track equipment and sleepers during operations.


At a Glance

Alstom Metropolis C851E (CCL)

Circle Line

Built 2021 - Current

23 trains of 3 cars each

Trains maintained by SMRT Trains


Contract 851E for the design and building of 11 new Circle Line and 6 new North East Line trains was awarded to Alstom Transport on 30 April 2018. The initial tender for contract 851E only included the 11 Circle Line trains, with the additional 6 new North East Line trains added in the modified contract terms.

These trains are purchased to cater for additional capacity when the North East Line Extension (NELe) and Circle Line 6 (CCL6) begin operations in 2024 and 2026 respectively.

The trains are manufactured and assembled in Alstom's manufacturing facility in Barcelona, Spain, and will be progressively shipped to Singapore from 2021. Thereafter, the trains will undergo testing and commissioning before they are put into service when CCL6 opens, boosting the fleet size by 17% from 64 to 75 trains.

The new trains will be delivered to the new Integrated Train Testing Centre (ITTC) in Tuas, allowing the new trains to perform robust integrated systems testing round the clock. This minimises disruption to passenger services on operational rail lines, freeing up more time for engineers to carry out maintenance and renewal works.

The Land Transport Authority announced on 25 July 2019 that 12 new trains will be purchased on top of the initial order, and will be delievered progressively from 2024. This will boost the total fleet size of the Circle Line to 87 trains, and will cater for the expected increase in ridership when the Circle Line is fully operational.



Technical Specifications


Mc: Motor car; Tc: Trailer car (unpowered)

Alstom Transport
Number Built
69 cars (23 trains)
Car Body Construction
Welded aluminium
Line Voltage
750V DC (nominal) from third rail
Standard gauge (1435mm)
Maximum Speed
90km/h (design)
78km/h (service)
Train Length
70.1m (3 cars)
Car Length
23.65m (Mc1/Mc2)
22.80m (Tc)
1.45m wide, 8 per car