Circle Line (Anti-Clockwise)

The Circle Line (Anti-Clockwise) project covers the section from CC1 Dhoby Ghaut to CC29 HarbourFront, as well as the Circle Line Extension from CE2 Marina Bay to CC6 Stadium.

This project is developed by BVESG developer SMB142J. Visit the official forum thread on SGTrains Forums for more updates on this project.

Line diagram

BVESG Circle Line Anti-Clockwise Line Diagram




Version 1.0 (22 April 2018) / .zip (112MB) / Changelog >

Download Circle Line ACW 1.0 (22 April 2018)

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Route Details


The Circle Line is Singapore's fourth Mass Rapid Transit line and was the world's longest fully underground and automated rapid transit line when it was completed in 2012.

As a medium capacity orbital line, its purpose is to serve as a connection between major MRT lines, bypassing the city centre. The Circle Line opened in five stages with an extension from 2009, and spans 35.7km across 30 stations.

Learn more about the Circle Line >

Train Services

The latest version of this project includes the following train services:

- Off-Peak: CC1 Dhoby Ghaut > CC29 HarbourFront
- Peak: CC1 Dhoby Ghaut > CC29 HarbourFront


Utilising the 3-car Alstom Metropolis C830 and C830C trains, it operates at 5-minute intervals across the whole line. The only exception is between Promenade to Stadium where mainline trains and shuttle services (to Marina Bay) intersects.

Trains on normal service will stop at all 30 stations except CC18 Bukit Brown.

Safety System

The SgATC plugin simulates the Circle Line Alstom Urbalis 300 system, including an auto mode where trains will automatically travel from one station to the next. Train doors will have to be controlled manually.

Learn more about the SgATC plugin >

Operation Manual

Setting of Mode

Whilst the train is stationary with Emergency Brakes applied, use the C1: Page Up and C2: Page Down buttons to switch between modes.

Modes available:

  • OFF
  • AUTO


This mode disables the train from moving off.


The system will accelerate and decelerate the trains automatically, adjusting the speed based on track conditions. Trains will accurately and automatically stop at the stopping position. The SgATC plugin does not support automatic operation of train doors currently.

Coded Manual

You have full control over the train in this mode. It also allows the train to pick up the speed limit and automatically prevent you from overspeeding. The train can only be operated to go forward in this mode.

Restricted Manual

In the restricted manual mode, the system completely ignores the speed limit of the route. The RMR mode allows you to reverse the train, whilst the RMF mode allows you to move the train forward.

Train Controls

Visit the How to Play Guide to view the default controls.

Adjust the speed according to the speed limit indicated by the orange arrow on the speedometer.

A beeping tone will be heard when the train exceeds the speed limit.


Speed Limit Indicator

When the speed limit indicator drops, it is an indicator to remind you that the next station is approaching. Apply brakes and adjust accordingly till the stop position. It is recommended to enter the stations at 40km/h with B4 brake power.

Stopping Positions

Yellow CSP (Correct Stopping Position) markers and white STOP signs are placed at the headwall of all stations to indicate the accurate stopping position. Align the side windows of the train cab to the sign to achieve the correct stopping point.

Terms of Use

The Circle Line (Anti-Clockwise) project is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Singapore License.

You are free to share this project with attribution, but you may not distribute a modified version of the project. Read on >

Credits + Attribution

Special Thanks
joeyfjj (Joey Foo)
boylush (Teo Ren Jie)
Ethan777 (Ethan Chia)
Flip (Matthew Ng)